Mastering Modern CSS Layouts

Ohans Emmanuel

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 Grids  Flexbox   Responsive Design

Another book?

We seriously don't need one

...But there is a problem with the way we've always written CSS layouts.

If you ever struggled with table display hacks, or floats & their pain, you already know this.

Imagine a future where you didnt have to do all that. The future is now - it's 2017.

CSS Flexbox and Grids are here to stay. They define the new standards. They are everyone's dream. Or should be :-)

Clean codes, less hacks, more productivity

Do we get all this sweetness for free?

They say the best things are free. Maybe not this.

Flexbox and Grids are completely different from what we've always done.

With great powers come great responsibility. It's the same with this.

Understanding Flexbox and Grids take a complete reworking of what you already know.

New syntax, new mental models.

It may not be difficult for you, but it really is for most of us. Super confusing at times.

So why am I writing this book?

crazy me

I am trying to reach for the skies on this one.

I said to myself, "Emmanuel, write a book that's complete in itself and like nothing else out there". Hell Yeah!

Oh, and that was after struggling with wrapping my head around the whole "Flex" and "Grid" thing.

Is the book really going to be like nothing else out there?

Well, be the judge of that

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